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  • National Park Service (NPS)

  • nps.gov
  • "The National Park Service (NPS) has protected America's most amazing natural treasures, our national parks, since 1916. NPS shares their stories with more than 2120 million visitors each year by..." Read More »
  • URL: www.nps.govNetto Score: 98
  • Bass Pro Shops

  • basspro.com
  • "Bass Pro Shops sells hunting, camping, cooking gear, footwear and nature-themed gifts. It also focuses on conservation initiatives, including fish and wildlife habitat improvements, improving water..." Read More »
  • URL: www.basspro.comNetto Score: 97
  • Recreation.gov

  • recreation.com
  • "Recreation.gov is helpful for outdoor trip planning. Discover which federally-managed parks, forests, lakes, museums, and areas offer recreation opportunities near you. Also, utilize interactive..." Read More »
  • URL: www.recreation.govNetto Score: 96

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About: Wikipedia
Tutorials: CleverHiker.com
Buy Gear: REI Checklist
Quality Resource: Backpacker.com
Prep: Backcountry.com (Infographic)
Best Locations: John Muir Trail + more...

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing
About: Wikipedia
Tutorials: Redington.com
Buy Gear: Shop Cabelas.com
Fish Species: Find them on TheFlyShop.com
Hire a Guide: JackTrout.com
Best Locations: San Juan River + more...


About: Wikipedia
Tutorials: Surfing-Waves.com
Buy Gear: O'Neill Surf Shop
Quality Resource: SurferMag.com
Prep: SurferToday.com (Complete Guide)
Best Locations: Santa Cruz, CA + more...

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Netto Score: 99

URL: alltrails.com


Netto Score: 98

URL: cabelas.com


Netto Score: 95

URL: remington.com


Netto Score: 95

URL: tackledirect.com

Backpacker Mag

Netto Score: 93

URL: backpacker.com

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Newest Phone Apps

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Netto Score: 99

Published by MapMyFitness

Supports Android & iPhone



Netto Score: 97

Published by Yonder App

Supports Android & iPhone



Netto Score: 96

Published by Groundspeak, Inc.

Supports Android & iPhone


First Aid

Netto Score: 96

Published by Red Cross

Supports Android & iPhone


Audubon Bird Guide

Netto Score: 96

Published by Audubon Society

Supports Android & iPhone


SAS Survival Guide

Netto Score: 91

Published by Trellisys.net Ltd.

Supports Android & iPhone


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Bear Grylls, Adventurer

URL: beargrylls.com

Wikipedia: Bear_Grylls

Recreation Category: Outdoors

Les Stroud, Survivalist

URL: lesstroud.ca

Wikipedia: Les_Stroud

Recreation Category: Outdoors

Rick Steves, World-Explorer

URL: ricksteves.com

Wikipedia: Rick_Steves

Recreation Category: Travel

Kira Salak, Adventurer

URL: kirasalak.com

Wikipedia: Kira_Salak

Recreation Category: Outdoors

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Ducks Unlimited

Netto Score: 87

URL: ducks.org


Netto Score: 86

URL: bassmaster.com

Canoe & Kayak

Netto Score: 85

URL: canoekayak.com

Boating Magazine

Netto Score: 85

URL: boatingmag.com

Fly Fisherman

Netto Score: 84

URL: flyfisherman.com

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