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  • Health.com

  • health.com
  • "Health.com delivers relevant, well-written articles and information that puts health first. The site lists medical content, healthy foods & drinks, insights from experts, and breaking news about..." Read More »
  • URL: health.com Netto Score: 95
  • Women's Health

  • womenshealthmag.com
  • "Access videos, print-outs, MP3s and personal training videos for working out and living a healthy lifestyle. Women's Health provide users with information they need to succeed in their active..." Read More »
  • URL: womenshealth... Netto Score: 94
  • Men's Health

  • menshealth.com/
  • "Men's Health is the world's largest men's magazine brand. It covers men's lifestyle topics such as fitness, nutrition, fashion, and sexuality. MensHealth.com, averages 38 million page views a..." Read More »
  • URL: menshealth.com Netto Score: 94

Health Exposé


Website: CRONOMeter.com
About: Perform optimally
Founders: Aaron Davidson, Brian Doherty
Launched: December 2005
Category: Living

Spartan Race

Spartan Race
Website: Spartan.com
About: An obstacle race (3+ miles)
Founders: Joseph Desena, Julian Kopald
First Race: 2010
Category: Race Training

Brain Maker

Healthy Book: Brain Maker
Website: DrPerlmutter.com
About: Read Goodreads.com
Author: Dr. David Perlmutter
Review & Buy: Amazon.com
Category: Natural Diet

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Netto Score: 99

URL: webmd.com


Netto Score: 98

URL: zocdoc.com


Netto Score: 95

URL: greatist.com


Netto Score: 95

URL: eatingwell.com


Netto Score: 93

URL: prevention.com

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iCare Health Monitor

Netto Score: 99

Published by iCare Fit Studio

Supports Android & iPhone



Netto Score: 97

Published by Lifesum AB

Supports Android & iPhone


Nike+ Run Club

Netto Score: 96

Published by Nike, Inc.

Supports Android & iPhone


Google Fit

Netto Score: 94

Published by Google, Inc.

Supports Android


7 Minute Workout

Netto Score: 93

Published by Wahoo Fitness

Supports Android & iPhone


Calorie Counter

Netto Score: 92

Published by FatSecret

Supports Android & iPhone


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Marion Nestle

URL: foodpolitics.com

Wikipedia: Marion_Nestle

Category: Diet & Nutrition

Darya Rose

URL: summertomato.com

About: More on Darya

Category: Living

Mehmet Cengiz Oz (Dr. Oz)

URL: doctoroz.com

Wikipedia: Mehmet_Oz

Category: Medicine

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

URL: deepakchopra.com

Wikipedia: Deepak_Chopra

Category: Medicine (Alternative)

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Netto Score: 89

URL: healthtap.com


Netto Score: 88

URL: crossfit.com


Netto Score: 85

URL: yoga.com


Netto Score: 81

URL: health.gov

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