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About: Project Review Package

Quickly Boost Your Project's Quality.

Team Nettopolis will review your web project and return informative Netto Notes paired with your Netto Score.

Thorough Review.

We perform a delineated, in-house project analysis that assesses your web project's user experience (UX) + overall functionality (front-end and back-end script/language performance ), written impact, plus key points that you define → whatever reinforces your vision.

Netto Award = Elite Web Project (Top 1%).

Project Review Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score

Everyday Value: $259.99

***Early Adopter Special***

Buy Now: $159.99

- Or -

Upgrade to our Optimization Package

Project Review + Netto Notes + Netto Score + Split Testing Formula

Everyday Value: $379.99

***Early Adopter Special***

Buy Now: $279.99

Once we're done, you'll receive detailed, objective and site-focused insights called Netto Notes, and a quality score (Netto Score) ranging from 10 (lowest) to 100 (Diamond-level quality). If your project lands in the 90-100 range (congrats!), you'll earn an exclusive Netto Award.


Even if you don't earn a quality award the first time around, your Netto Notes will help you get there. If you purchase our Optimization Package, you'll gain a unique Split Testing Formula for data-driven improvements. You'll boost your project's impact in a heartbeat using our proven methods. And with your changes in place, you can resubmit your site and we'll boost your Netto Score!


Don't miss out! We'll quickly help you establish an enhanced online presence with an optimized project that your audience will love to use. Plus, making a purchase will get you a free Netto Profile, featured Website and/or Location Listings and access to the Nettopolis Network, which aims to reinvent the way in which you interact with the Internet!

Note: If there is a paid wall or other access barrier, you will need to grant Nettopolis free, temporary access to analyze your members-area.

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