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About: Nettopolis

Where Will Your Road Take You?

Nettopolis (what's with the name?) is an Internet Discovery Interface that's now in beta testing. It is operated as a non-profit service, driven by one person (Brian) as an educational journey to map out a quality-focused InterNET environment. As such, Nettopolis is a home-grown, unfunded (no corporate interests here), grass roots project that strives to provide you with many routes to Explore The NET and gain visibility for your valuable web property, app or location.

Awesome Content.

If you have something awesome to broadcast, then post it today (we even offer a suite of products that helps to cover our operating costs). You may even earn an exclusive Netto Award!

Worth Your Time.

Our aim is to pop "filter bubbles" so you may explore the InterNET freely, without hidden traps. We're privacy-oriented (we protect your data), transparent and ethically designed → we hope that your time spent here will translate to real, beneficial results.

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